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2018 Dean’s Meeting of ACE held successfully in NPU

Date:2018-12-27  Source:  ClickTimes:

From 2nd June to 3rd June, 2018, the Dean’s Meeting of ACE (Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools)was held in Northwestern Polytechnical University, and  supported by the school of management. More than 20 representatives from business schools of 17 famous universities in China and Europe, including the Dean or relevant person in charge, as well as the senior consultant of European Foundation for Management and Development (EFMD) participated in it. Deputy director of the international cooperation office of NPU, Zhang Fuli, the dean of the school of management, Che Ada, party secretary Li Xiaocong, deputy Dean Liu Chenguang and other officials attended the meeting.

During the two-days’ conference, participants had in-depth discussions on the (one-year work of ACE?), joint application for EU projects, co-selection of alliance members, as well as further promotion of exchanges and cooperation student program between Chinese and European business schools.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of 2nd June, Dean Che delivered the opening speech firstly, briefly introduced the development of the school and college and showed a warm welcome to the guests from home and abroad who gathered in Xi 'an.. Professor Andrea Sianesi, President of the alliance and Dean of the business school from MIP, reported the work of membership fee payment, membership change and joint application for EU projects in the past years, and had in-depth discussions with the participants.

On the afternoon of , members discussed and adopted the criteria and procedures for the selection of new members, discussed the cooperation project to be carried out with the European Foundation for Management and Development (EFMD) and the exchange and cooperation project between the members of ACE and formed the work plan guidance for the next year. They also elected a new leadership team, Dean of Beijing Jiaotong University,and Zhang Qiusheng was elected to be the new President of the alliance.

On 3rd June, the participants had an in-depth discussion on the cooperation and promotion of business school alliance under the theme of "The One Belt and One Road Initiative". The person in charge of the online education smart tree project introduced the MOOC project.

Zhang Fuli, deputy director of the international cooperation office of NPU attended the welcome dinner and introduced the construction and development of our university, especially the development of internationalization. He expected that through the alliance platform, the communication and cooperation between China and EU business schools could be further promoted and the cooperation could be extended to the in-depth cooperation between universities.

Representatives from home and abroad spoke highly of the success of this year’s meeting. They thanked the school of management for its careful preparation and organization, appreciated the international achievements of the school of management and expressed their willingness to promote and deepen cooperation with the school

ACE is composed of the management Schools (Business Schools) of top 10 universities in the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 10 famous Business Schools in Europe. It is the first Business school Alliance established between China and Europe in the world. ACE aims to build an extensive cooperation platform for teacher exchange, scientific research cooperation, student leadership training and bilateral or multilateral cooperation among its members through the joint efforts of the two sides and resource sharing. The members of the alliance can use this platform to share educational experience, cooperate in the case of development and data collection, jointly study topics that have a significant impact on business practices, share teaching materials, promote mutual visits of teachers and student exchanges, and further improve the teaching quality and scientific research level of business schools in China and Europe.

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