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Vice President of ESSCA, Prof. Shen Wei was employed as Visiting Professor of NPU and Lectured entitled “China-EU relations for 40 years”

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On the morning of October 21th, a simple and elaborateengage ceremony was held in the second conference room of international conference center. Vice president of ESSCA, Professor of the school of management of Lancaster University and the dean of Confucius Institute, Prof. Shen Wei was employed as visiting professor of NPU. The engage ceremony was hosted by the director of department of International cooperation, prof. Li Huaxing.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the dean of School of Management, Prof. Zhao Songzheng read off the personal resume and academic achievement of prof. Shen Wei. On behalf of NPU, vice-president, prof. Yuan Jianping presented the letter of“visiting professor”. He expressed a warm welcome to Prof. Shen Wei and expected a further international communication with our university and School of Management to promote the spread and development of Chinese culture. Then the deputy secretary Yao Shun fromdepartment ofscience and technology management, deputy director Han Zhengsheng from department of personnel, secretary of party committee of School of Management Yang Zhijian, associate dean of School of Management Che Ada and assistant dean Wang keqin congratulated Prof. Shen Wei on the appointment of visiting professor and expected a further cooperation.

Prof. Shen Wei expressed that he was glad to be employed as a visiting professor of NPU and he would work hard with other teachers and students for the international communication and cooperation of School of Management.

In this evening, Prof. Shen Wei made a lecture entitled as“China -EU relations for 40 years”in the conference room 210 at the School of Management. He also introduced ESSCA and“3+2”joint training project.(School of Management)

Expert Profile:

Prof. Shen Wei is the professor in Lancaster University, dean of Confucius Institute, associate dean of ESSCA School of Management and Jean Monnet chair professor. He is also the founder and Co-Chair of Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools, vice-president (Research) of EU-Asia Center in Brussels, researcher of Institut Fran?ais des RelationsInternationales, GaWC Research Associate and Globalization. He holds concurrent posts like visiting professor in Sciences Po and Universitéde Strasbourg. Before prof. Shen works as a teacher, he took up an occupation in many international organizations and academic institutes, including Council of Europe, University of Oxford(UK),Asia-Europe Foundation(Singapore), International Organization for Migration (IOM Geneva),UNESCO (UIE Hamburg) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD Rome).

The main research fields of prof. Shen Wei are China-Europe and Asia-Europe relations, international migration, global city and international business strategy. His articles and interviews have been published in international academic journals and France's le monde, the international herald Tribune, the China Daily, the United States’New York Times and other medias.Prof.Shen Wei has been sponsored from Jean Monnet Project, Madame Curie project, European science foundation, the Royal Society, Urban and Regional Research Funds, Volkswagen and Mercator Foundations, and other research awards.Prof.Shen Wei is currently leading and coordinating collaborative research network on EU-China Relationsfor UACES. In October, as France chief researcher of ESSCA, prof. Shen Wei jointly acquired with the university of Oxford, the university of Manchester, Leiden university, the university of Cologne in Germany and China's Peking University and Fudan University a important research project about China-EU multilateral cooperation jointly, which are jointly funded by NSFC, ESTC(England), ANR(France), DFG(Germany) and NWO(Netherlands) and the total budget reaches up to 15 million yuan.

Professor Shen Wei is currentlythe academic adviser of EU and repeatedly served as deputy chief reviewersof humanities and social sciences fund project.He is also the Salzburg seminar and awarded Sir Robert Martin Medal from Loughborough University. He has been invited to make academic reports for many times in United Nations University, the College of Europe in Belgium, Poland Academy of Sciences, Georgetown University in USA, University of Bristol in England, University of Cape Town, NUS Singapore University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University, etc. He was at invitation of prime minister of Belgium to make a lecture entitled”Lentecyclus”in Royal Academy of Sciences of Belgium.

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