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Four World-class Foreign Scholars Visited School of Management

Date:2018-12-27  Source:  ClickTimes:

During the second half of this yearmany well-known foreign scholars visited School of Managementand brought fascinating and interesting lectures to our teachers and students.

During 1st - 5th June, Professor Donald Huisingh from the University of Tennessee gave two excellent series of lectures to professors and students in the School of Management. The lecture was hosted by associate professor Shao Jing, and more than 50 graduate students and international students attended the lecture.

Professor Huisingh's report entitled: What must we do to Accelerate the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable, Livable, Post-Fossil Carbon Societies? He elaborated on how to accelerate change to a sustainable society from four aspects: the crisis facing the world today, the efforts made, the improvements that can be made, and how to become the agents of change.

On 7th June, Professor Jiang Bin from Delhi House Business School gave a lecture entitled "How to do research: advice from stellar scholars". The lecture was hosted by Prof. Che Ada, the Dean of School of Management. More than 50 graduate students and international students participated in the lecture.

Prof. Jiang Bin firstly introduced and analyzed six issues that need to be grasped in the process of academic research, including: how to obtain research inspiration; how to familiarize with relevant documents efficiently; how to build models that reflect reality; how to find collaborators; how to write academic papers and how to view academic research. And then, Prof. Jiang used the Delphi method to determine the most frequently mentioned viewpoints on various issues and the degree of recognition of them by scholars, and summarized them into six principles.

On the afternoon of 29th, October, Prof. Wang Shouyang, an internationally renowned management scholar, visited our school to give an academic report entitled Complex Data Processing Method and Its Application in Economic Analysis. The meeting was chaired by Professor Yang Naiding of the School of Management, and  the Dean of School of Management , Prof. Che A Da, vice Dean Prof. Guo Yuntao and representatives of teachers, undergraduates and postgraduates from various grades and schools attended.

At the meeting, Prof. Wang emphasized how to use complex data well in recent years, and how to mine the inherent laws of data has become the focus of research in various fields, and systematically introduced a variety of complex data processing methods. Next, he explained how to use EMD method to carry out innovative research to the present teachers and students. And at the end of the report, Professor Wang patiently answered the puzzles and questions that the students encountered in the research and publication of the papers.

On 30th October, Prof. Mario Vanhoucke from Ghent University, Belgium, was invited to conduct academic studying with the School of Management and delivered an academic report entitled "The big data project management". The seminar was hosted by Professor Zhang Jingwenand more than 40 graduate students attended the seminar.

The content of the lectures is divided into two parts: with the theme of "The big data project management", Prof. Mario firstly elaborated how to use the big data theory framework to carry out project management progress research and provide effective decision-making basis for schedule control from three aspects: scheduling planning (optimization algorithm), risk analysis (statistical technology) and progress control (data processing). Then Prof. Mario introduced the development trend of data-driven project management, and put forward some personal opinions on how to use big data to carry out academic research and practice of project management. In the second part of the report, Prof. Mario introduced how to efficiently carry out academic research and publish high-level academic papers.

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