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Introduction and Exchange Meeting for Studying Abroad was Held in School of Management

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On 12th April, 2019, the introduction and exchange meeting for studying abroad was held in the School of Management. All seats were occupied and the atmosphere was active.

The meeting was divided into 3 parts. Firstly, 8 participants who studied abroad shared their study and life abroad during the winter vocation of 2018. All the students seated were interested and they communicated actively.

After the experience sharing students, Ms. Wang Ruojia from NPU International Cooperation Office delivered a report with the subject: “The world is so big. Go and see the authorities as soon as possible”. Ms. Wang also introduced the method to obtain information of diverse projects and the processes of application.

At the final part, Ms. Wang Xiao, international secretary of School of Management introduced school’s existed programs for studying abroad and she encouraged, at the same time, all the students to participate the programs.

Students of NPU obtained in-depth information of studying abroad programs from this introduction and exchange meeting, and by which, they could be well motivated and it is expected that more students will have a broad studying experience in the near future.

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