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Three International Scholars Visited School of Management

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  During April and May of 2019, three international scholars visited School of Management and brought interesting lectures to our teachers and students.

  On 25th April 2019, Prof. Chu Junhong from Business School of National University of Singapore delivered her report entitled: “Making lemonade from lemons: Taxi drivers’ response to cancellations and no-shows”.

Prof. Chu introduced firstly the different explanations for “supply of labor” between traditional economic theories and behavioral economic theories, and then she analyzed her study with example of taxi drivers in Singapore. Prof. Chu introduced, at the final part, the influence of big data and machine learning techniques on modern management and marketing science. She encouraged all researchers to continue their research with big date.

  In the morning of 10th May, Prof. Jifeng Mu from Alabama A&M University of America visited School of Management and delivered a report entitled “Outside-in Thinking”. The report meeting was hosted by Prof. Chang Yu, and many teachers and students of School of Management attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, Prof. Mu introduced the theory of “outside-in” and the two frameworks related. His interesting experiments in the final part of the meeting left a deep impression to all the participants. Prof. Mu, teachers and students of School of Management had an impressing exchange after the report.

  During 12th May and 19th May, Prof. Vinod Singhal from Georgia Institute of Technology visited the School of Management. He delivered two fascinating lectures entitled: “Using secondary data in management research: Overview, research methods, and research opportunities”, and a seminar for “Publishing research - lessons learned and good practices”. The lectures and seminar were hosted by Prof. Yang Qian.

  During the lectures of using secondary data in management research, Prof. Vinod Singhal gave a systematic explaination on how management researchers used secondary data to analyze the impact of management policy of enterprise on operation of enterprise.

  During the seminar of publishing research, Prof. Vinod Singhal shared his personal experiences as editor of international journal to the students of School of Management. He also gave his advises and experiences to the method of writing a paper and the way of publication.

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