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Professor Benjamin Lev, Editor-in-Chief of OMEGA Journal, successfully gave an academic report

Date:2019-09-13  Source:  ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of September 12, 2019, Professor Benjamin Lev, chief editor of Omega Journal and professor of Drexel University, was invited to give a lecture entitled "My experience as Omega EIC" to our teachers and students. This lecture is hosted by Professor Chang Yu of School of Management.


The lecture was divided into two parts: the first part was the experience of Professor Benjamin Lev, and the second part was his suggestions published on a journal.

First of all, Professor Lev made a brief introduction of his research experiences and working experiences as the chief editor. Then, he gave students a detailed introduction on Omega Journal, including the editorial composition of the journal, the submission of papers over the years, and the change of influence factors of Omega Journal in each year since 2005. Then, professor Lev introduced the writing methods of academic papers in detail, including the topics, abstracts, keywords, calculation examples, conclusions, references, length and other matters needing attentionthat should pay attention, which provided effective suggestions for teachers and students on how to write high-quality articles.


After the report, the students asked questions enthusiastically. Professor Lev patiently answered each question and took photos with the students in the end.



About the speaker: Benjamin Lev, Trustee Professor of The Lebow Business School of Drexel University, editor-in-chief of The International Journal of Management Science, editor-in-chief of responsibility for The International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, editor-in-chief of Interface Book Review, Editorial board of International journals such as International Abstracts of OR, Operations Research Perspective Journal, and Academic-Informs Researcher. Professor Benjamin Lev is an internationally renowned expert in the field of management science, with profound knowledge in the fields of inventory management, mathematical planning, operation management and scheduling.

Contributor: Guan Linfei

Review draft: Shao Jing


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