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Introduction Seminar Held on Double Master Degree Program and Summer School with TELECOM School of Management

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On the afternoon of March 27th, a seminar about joint program in master degree and the summer school between NPU and French National Telecommunication (French Telecom) was held in conference room 210, School of Management, Chang’an Campus. The dean assistant of School of Management, Associate Professor Wang Keqin, together with representative students from all grades in the school attended the seminar.

In the seminar, Professor Bhumika Gupta briefly introduced to the students the overview, mission and the current situation of teaching and research at French Telecom. She mentioned that French Telecom had initiated numerous research programs within industrial and academic fields, cooperating with 13 international graduate schools and closely working with enterprises. Professor Gupta then continued by unveiling the mystery of overseas education regarding the fees, facilities and campus life. She told the students that the institute would supply various qualified study and multimedia resources, as well as online libraries and audiovisual studios for students. Meanwhile, the institute will also enrich students’ life with colorful sports activities and club events.

Furthermore, Professor Gupta detailed the procedure of application for the joint master program and the summer school project. Previous summer school students were invited to give vivid presentations so that the audience could have a deeper understanding of studying in France.

Many listeners enthusiastically threw their questions after the lecture and Professor Gupta gave excellent answers.

Thisseminarnot only offers students the opportunity to study in French high-level tertiary institutions, but also broadens their global eyesight towards building international competitiveness. It also reinforces the communication between the School of Management and more international universities.

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