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Doctor Zhang Ying Held an Academic Report in School of Management

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On the afternoon of December 27th, Dr. Zhang Ying, who came from Rotterdam Institute of Management Erasmus University in Holland (ranked first amongst the Netherlands’ institutes of management), was invited to make a report titled “the innovation and entrepreneurship research and how to do academic research”. The report was held in room 210 at the School of Management and hosted by the school dean Zhao Songzheng. Hundreds of teachers and graduate students from School of Management and School of Humanities and Law attended the report.

Dr. Zhang Ying’s report was rich and intriguing. She introduced her personal experiences and expressed her own feeling about doing research at the beginning. During the report, she first let the students to think about why they chose to do postgraduate study and encouraged everyone to ask more questions. She then continued by providing guidance for students’ academic writing (like how to develop the introduction) and distinguishing theoretical research from empirical research. To be more precise, she took her published papers as examples to display the specific requirements of academic writing.

The dean of Zhao Songzheng concluded the lecture and expressed his gratitude to Dr. Zhang. He hoped that this report could exert a positive influence on students and encourage them to make self improvement.

Faculty and students benefited a lot from Dr. Zhang Ying’s report, especially from the aspect of writing and publishing academic papers. At the same time, this report further strengthened the communication between the school and other international institutions.

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