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Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Secretary Zheng Yongan visited the School of Management

Date:2017-12-01  Source:  ClickTimes:

On April 9th, Zheng Yongan, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and vice-principal of NPU, visited the School of Management and held a seminar with the school board. School dean, Professor Zhao Songzheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Zhijian, associate dean, Professor Guo Peng, Gu Jianfeng and Che Ada , Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Caixiang , dean assistant , Associate Professor Wang Keqin and office director Zhou Quan, together with under- and post-graduates from each grade attended the meeting,

On the basis of the current situation, School Dean, Professor Zhao Songzheng’s report revolved around several aspects—the development of faculty, international cooperation, talent cultivation, scientific research, and students’ work. He also introduced the latest progress in the school and the difficulties encountered. During the process, other school delegates supplemented the report in light with their experiences. The Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zheng Yongan also exchanged his opinions with the attendances in the conversation.

Zheng Yongan approved the report and affirmed the school board’s efforts. “The purpose of this seminar is to listen to the truth and get real information,” he said. The urgent need in 2014 is twofold—faculty and student. Faculty development should aim at: (1) arousing the enthusiasm of the teamwork teaching; (2) bringing in outstanding talents; (3) training the teachers under 35 and (4) learning lessons from other schools and making remedies. For student development, the Management School needs to plan the undergraduate education and set different modules for students with different levels within the shortest time. At the end of the seminar, Zheng Yongan hoped that the school board could carefully design the regulations to motivate and manage the faculty, in order to substantially forward the school’s development.(School of Management, Article: Wu Ajing; Translation: Zhang Yanmei)


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